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La Botanica Rice Straw
La Botanica Rice Straw
La Botanica Rice Straw
La Botanica Rice Straw

La Botanica Rice Straw


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  • Global warming is a critical issue right now for our environment. Many companies are switching to use eco-friendly energy to protect our nature. Plastic straws are one of the most popular products that we use every day. However, plastic is not healthy and hard to eliminate. But don't worry, La Botanica is pleased to introduce the best alternative is rice straws. Rice straws made of rice and vegetables.
  • They are 100% natural, eco-friendly, organic, and edible. Rice straws take up 90 days to completely decompose comparing to 200 years of plastic straws. Our straws come in different sizes and colors. The color of the straws are based upon what kind of vegetable it is. For example, orange is carrot, purple is beetroot, and white is rice. The large size is used for boba drinks while the small one is for water, juice, etc. Our rice straws can last for 4 hours.


  • Avoid directly sunlight.
  • Keep it in temperature room.
  • Stored in dry area.  

Key Details

  • Natural materials.
  • Recycle and edible.
  • Made in Vietnam.